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Sure, you can always slap most smartphones inside a Google Cardboard for less than -- but that’s a limited experience that proves you truly get what you pay for.

And in any case, many virtual reality porn purveyors want the experience to extend beyond headsets -- into more experimental tech that adds touch to the experience.

Done right, VR can offer adult entertainment an extra level of realism.

Using it, you won't just watch your fantasy on a monitor -- you'll be in it.

It might be the next evolution in adult entertainment.” Glider described Ba Doink’s parent company, CM Productions, as “a tech company first, a porn company second.” After diving into virtual reality research and development, it gave out several thousand pairs of Google Cardboard to promote the launch of Ba Ba Doink has about four other competitors in its space: Virtual Real Porn, Naughty America, Czech VR and fetish focused Kink VR.

These websites generally charge a monthly subscription fee, but then let users download as many videos to their hard drive as they want.

Still, you'll definitely need a fast Internet connection and a lot of onboard storage, as files can range between 4-8 gigs.

There aren’t any VR-ready streaming services yet, partially because sites would need to deliver a full 60-frames-per-second experience to make VR video look decent.

(Though plenty might, and that's fine too.) They’re simply curious about how it will adapt to this new format.

“Research and development requires capital, and we need an example of a viable product before the major players will invest,” Helmy said.“We tried Google Cardboard in January of 2015,” said Todd Glider, CEO of Ba Doink, which bills itself as “the #1 Virtual Reality porn site.

“We were shocked how good it was, really blown away at how immersive the experience was.

And so 3D porn films, including a big-budget XXX version of Avatar, were made -- but they didn’t sell well, and the trend dipped out of sight in 2013.

With the adult entertainment industry both hurting for capital, thanks to Tube sites, and reluctant to invest in another expensive, unproven technology until there’s a consumer success, startups may be responsible for bringing VR porn to life.

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” Don’t get them wrong: People don’t necessarily want to watch VR porn themselves.

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