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A number of newspapers and magazines have written about Voog and anacam, including Newsweek, USA Today, Playboy, and Yahoo!

i'll share my nightmare and pray that one of you can help. once i had finally found what yahoo's excuse was for customer support, the only thing i accomplished was following the same worthless help links in circles and killing nearly four hours.

nothing was done and i was not contacted again, so after another day had passed i tracked down a phone number and decided to try and talk to a real person. after a 25 minute, facial tic-inducing, head full of muzak yahoo!

provided for my listening enjoyment, a real human being picked up the line.

i wasn't any closer to getting my problem fixed.

so, i flooded the help central with the only form provided to me for that type of problem. this time i spoke with a different clueless girl who was twice as rude as the first, and who told me “there is no one who can help you.” the temporary error is now over three weeks old, and although i have not received any assistance, i've been polite and patient through it all. i would just like to be able to access my e-mail folders and salvage whatever i can.i'm also trying to access two accounts!

since then i've received five generic form responses to my 50 or so generic form submissions. this has been going on for days and is beyond frustrating. if you have two accounts, the server maybe having trouble determing which cookie to use for the user account(s).

I wanted to emulate it in my own way by logging everything I found interesting, whether art or politics or silliness or even occasionally good porn.– by pop3 hellwhen trying to send more than 5 or 6 e-mails at one time i get an error that says that there should be a comma between my bcc addresses.does anyone know if yahoo has changed policy about sending multiple e-mails. i haven't made any settings changes other than switching to xp os. Voog attended high school in Stillwater, Minnesota.On 22 August 1997, Voog began a webcam project named anacam.

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