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This is the highest recorded number of deaths in the Mediterranean to date.

The highest number of migrants arrive in Greece and Italy, often after a perilous journey across the sea.

In response to the failure to adequately process asylum claims, the EU set up “hotspots” in Greece and Italy.

Hotspots identify, register, and fingerprint incoming migrants, and redirect them either towards asylum or return procedures.

Implementation of CEAS varies throughout the European Union.

A number of EU states still do not operate fair, effective systems of asylum decision-making and support, leading to a patchwork of 28 asylum systems producing uneven results.

This allowed reception countries to focus their resources on supporting asylum seekers and considering claims.

Refugee status is defined in international law, which requires states to protect refugees and not send anyone to a place where they risk being persecuted or seriously harmed.

States hold primary responsibility for the protection of refugees.

Domestic and European courts have ruled against asylum seekers being returned to Greece, notably in a landmark case in 2011 that found Belgium in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights for exposing an Afghan national to detention, harsh living conditions, and risks arising from shortcomings in Greece’s asylum system after a return.

To address the uneven application of CEAS and the problems of the Dublin system, a reform of the CEAS was proposed in 2016.

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By early 2016, support for this policy began to wane, with increased hostility towards migrants entering the political discourse.

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