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A merchant’s best option is often to liquidate the items and move on because at the end of the day, turning a smaller profit on slow-moving inventory is better than losing money while it takes up space and bottom line.There are a variety of liquidation methods that work depending on the retailer’s overall business goals, operational capacity, and the nature of the liquidated product.Particularly if your brand is high-end, you may want to use this method to avoid damaging your brand name by offering deep discounts.Do you have any other tips for liquidating your excess inventory? Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. We have worked with tens of thousands of store owners throughout the United States and Canada since 1916.

You can either use an auction model, in which you can set the lowest price that you’re willing to accept for the item, or use a set pricing structure.Slow-moving merchandise is one of the many nightmares an online retailer has to consider – and a problem that needs to be addressed.Non-moving inventory stresses both retailers’ operations and budgets because it ties up both precious warehouse space and capital that can be used for other products or business expansion.If you don’t want to do the work in-house, consider using an online auction service company to handle your sales; however, you’re likely to lose a substantial amount in commission fees.Sell your excess merchandise to a liquidation company.

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