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Just be sure (like you mentioned) you know he is actually a 15 yr old boy.

If that's the case the kid needs to start a business and whip his fellow 14-17 yr olds into shape.

We have a computer in almost every bedroom in my house!My daughter has been chatting oneline, and by phone with a boy her age (15)... Low and behold, online he came and formally introduced was high time that we chatted and I got to know him... Me thinks more people, and yes, even my age, could take a lesson from this fellow!I thought that was totally sweet and very respectable considering his age! Kitty Puss, my son had a girlfriend who did the same thing.I've got my fingers and toes crossed I would never let anyone i have on my list add my mom to there list even when i was younger i was like no way.I have brothers and sisters who are that age and my parents would never add any of there friends to there list.

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