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Antler frontlets are exhibited in a number of museums (Scarborough Rotunda, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Cambridge, The British Museum).The Yorkshire Museum also has an exhibition featuring Star Carr. We have published a glossy booklet called "The Story of Star Carr"—all proceeds go to help fund more free public activities.Star Carr is a Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) archaeological site, dating to around 9000 BC, just centuries after the end of the last Ice Age.It has become world famous in the archaeological world due to the preservation of artefacts found buried deep in the peat.Until age 12, Mead had trouble computing why events and activities, even small ones, might not match up with the daily schedule.

The concept of a back-and-forth didn’t register.“I had a hard time even looking at people … Mead became “closed off” through much of high school.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 5, he now wants to help teens and adults on the autism spectrum get comfortable with romantic relationships, intimacy and “just hanging out” via a “dating day camp.”“Forget Asperger’s, dating is awkward for a lot of people,” says Mead, his deliberate tone gusting calm into an uncertain room.

Launched this year in conjunction with a sexologist and a dating coach, his free half-day workshops invite “Aspies” to meet, mingle and trade social cues more easily.

Getting a date isn’t so much the end goal as validation that participants can start down the road to romantic intimacy.

A group of strangers sits semi-circled in a downtown condo common room. The young men and women here all have Asperger’s.“I’ve never had a date in my life,” says Tori Durham, 34.

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