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Nate is fascinated, and begins to distance himself from Chuck all day to learn more about Carter's lifestyle.Carter invites him to attend a poker game, and Nate does so; whilst abandoning Chuck and their friends at a bar.They enter into a short fling, and begin sleeping together.Meanwhile, Chuck is trying to relay to Blair how he feels about her and tries to convince her to turn her life around and leave Carter.At the polo match, Blair and Dan confront Carter with a restraining order against Blair, since she will be by Serena's side at all times.They call Serena over, who once again claims Carter is stalking her.Carter appears next in The Age of Dissonance, when Chuck sees him on a date with a mysterious escort he met at a secret society named Elle.

Carter makes his first appearance in Bad News Blair when he makes an appearance at Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald's Lost Weekend celebration.

They decide not to go together and Serena plans to attend the ball with Carter.

Meanwhile, Chuck is jealous of Nate going with Blair and sets up Carter to make it look like he's trying to date her.

Carter says mysteriously that that isn't the truth at all.

Serena throws the first ball at the match and takes off into the woods and Carter follows.

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