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Is anyone else experiencing a problem where their total hours worked (on their profile) hasn't been updated for over a week? I did contact customer support a while ago and they said it's a bug that they're working on. However, I noticed that the correct number is showing on the "logged out" version of my profile.Very bizarre that only the settings page uses a different image.Ah I see what must be happening, github isn't using robust cache busting techniques, so it probably takes howeverlong the CDN holds onto files for the image to update. I have had my new picture for a fair while now, but my old one remains in place @ Is there a way that we could get it to update profile pictures or always pull the latest profile picture?doesn't seem to use the Git Hub profile avatar at all, but rather embeds Gravatar images.You can see the raw data for your profile here: reveals the following: changed on the settings page - not only next to the "upload new picture" button, but also in the topbar.

So what I think is happening, is that you have uploaded a profile picture on Git Hub but didn't change the Gravatar one.Each writer has a profile with links to their site and content they’ve written on Technorati.Technorati is changing search to give much more weight towards authority and relevance over recency.For example, you changed the display name Jane Doe to Jane Smith.When Jane signs in, she sees the updated name in the top navigation, but when she browses to another site it still shows Jane Doe.

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