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"Always put your Silly Putty back in it's egg or it will run slowly away" is printed on another side.And the fourth side reads "A Real Solid Liquid" along with a list of things to do with your Silly Putty. It looks like a highest averages method but is not mentioned in that article. I understand that those who fought, and indeed, some who still are fighting the government after the cancellation of the election were and are Muslim. Al Mac| , 30 September 2005 (UTC) I read the "article of the day" about the war in Algeria.Owen's reading was eclectic and appears coloured by writers who themselves were homosexual. Barry Matthews I found an article that talked about church pews not being normal furnishings until after the protestant reformation.My question is -- When did pew makers start putting book racks and communion cup holders on the bak of the pews.Hymn books, prayer books and Bibles were generally privately owned and brought to church before the 20th century.Also, communion cup holders are only relevent in those churches that adopted the practice of refusing to drink from a common cup, as has always been traditional among Christians.

However, I'm confused about the specific origins of the previously mentioned question. Thanks, , 26 September 2005 (UTC)Eileen CYRIL.Pews really only became of fashion when lengthy readings and sermons became part of Christian worship, particularly in Protestant churches.I think the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition also began to introduce seated communion (around the Lord's table).I have done considerable research and have been unable to locate any information that might help to determine it's age.I have a link to a photograph but I'm not sure if that is permissible at Wikipedia.

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