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LET OP: als je deze update uitvoert: zorg dat je meteen kiest voor installatie op toestel EN computer (via ‘gevanceerde opties’); de kans bestaat dat het anders in tweede instantie niet meer lukt om op de computer te installeren (zie screenshots hieronder). Als het goed is wordt dan heel Europa op de SD gezet (behlave bij de 340 allicht) (alternatief is dat je een regiokeuze maakt – heb daarbij in de gaten dat Benelux volgens Garmin niet in Noord-West Europa ligt ;).

Good morning, I have a problem to install the new CN Europe NTU 2016.3 to my Nuvi 3790 using Garmin Express.

Whats the product code for the city navigator NTU Europe 2016.30 ? If so, my suggestion would be to find and delete them, the restart the map update process with Garmin Express or Garmin Map Updater, or as a last resort, the cloning method.

If you receive no help in the Garmin forum on finding the Mac files, you might try asking here at the Mac Topics forum. Is there any chance that the Mac may be going to sleep during the download or update process?

Does anyone know if City Navigator Europe also offers 3D Terrain?Thanks & enjoy the weekend William You're correct, if you use Map Install it won't install the junction view file and various others, just the map.Difficult to know why Express is not working correctly, but you're correct that space could be an issue although Express is meant to check for that.These can be issues with PCs and maybe they carry over to Macs.One last question: Has your GPS device and Mac succeeded in the past with map updates and suddenly failed this time—or is this your first attempt at a map update?

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