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The TV personality also took up glamour modelling and appeared on the front cover of FHM, Zoo and Nuts.However she then decided to focus on her acting and took up courses at the Central School of Speech and Drama.She made a couple of movies and got a couple of spots in TV shows like role meant a lot to her, as she said at the time that it boosted her self-esteem hugely. After moving to Los Angeles early last year, she joined the cast of legendary soap opera Thrilled to be celebrating ONE YEAR on the cast of the #Emmy Award winning US TV show @nbcdays !

Speaking about their partying lifestyle, Abi revealed: ‘It seemed to have no beginning and no end. Before you know it, six months have passed and you’ve been out every single night.’ READ THE LATEST CELEB GOSSIP HERE Cashing in on her fame, Abi began modelling for lads mags – and started to earn a reported £30,000 a day.More stage work followed, including playing Lady Macbeth in Lowestoft.Since then, it's been nothing but acting for Abi, who has also previously carved out a name for herself in poker and written two books.Abi was later hired as a reporter on Richard & Judy on Channel 4, but ended up being sacked after a sex tape emerged of her and boyfriend John Leslie participating in group sex.Abi later appeared in a number of reality TV shows including Hell's Kitchen, Celebrity Love Island and Come Dine With Me.

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There was such a disparity between that image and who I was.

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