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For instance, I’ve been infield with guys whom I trained in pickup on a one-on-one level. Just because a girl is unattractive and way out of shape, doesn’t make her less easier to take to bed as we were led to believe by men with no experience in the field.

I would take a student to a bar and say, “Go chat up that girl”! That is a common misconception among mental-masturbators such as those who frequent the Manosphere movement [and guys in general] who fat-shame.

That’s the real problem why most men fail to get laid: they secretly want to fail!

because if the girl were to say, “Let’s go home”, the average guy will then have to fight with himself over what to do and how to do it when he gets the girl back to his place.

These are enough logical reasons to make the average guy NOT want to pursue women with vigor, reckless abandonment, persistence and intensity. He subconsciously makes himself fail by getting rejected or cutting the conversation short.Those are the reasons why men secretly want to fail with women.The same reasons I wanted to fail when I wasn’t good enough.He would hesitantly go in, chat her up and return in less than 30 seconds tops. Taking a fatty to bed will be a much more difficult task than taking a slim, super cute girl to bed…contrary to popular belief. A fat girl will have been way more self-conscious (although all women are). A fat girl will question more whether you really like her or are you just leading her on.This will make it a much difficult pickup as she would give you a harder time and scrutiny, just to reassure herself that it isn’t just a game. They have complex issues such as fat-people complexes about their weight.

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A fat girl, having a chip on her shoulder, will bombard you with more shit tests and congruence tests, just to gauge your intentions.

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